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Pada malam tahun baru kali ini kami menghadiri kenduri kahwin di Kuang , Selangor . Kebetulannya kawan kami mengadakan majlis kenduri kahwin anaknya yang pertama so kalau tak pergi tak boleh lah kannnnnn sebab kawan baik kebunnnnnnn .  Balik dari kenduri lebihkurang pukul 10.45pm sampai rumah . Lepas tu ingat nak keluar semula tengok bunga api tapi anak-anak kesemuanya tak nak keluar dah so saya pun decided duduk rumah aje lah ..  hampir jam 12 malam kedengaran bunyi bunga api dari kawasan taman tempat kami tinggal , tengok dari rumah aje lah sudah memadai dari bersesak-sesak di KLCC tu ..  Sambil-sambil tu talked about what we want for 2017 , in personal life , in business and for our teams too.  And  “Happy New Year Dean , Happy New Year sons” .  Lepas tu terus tidur . So this is how we celebrated. Haha  I guess it’s just another year .. another day in my life. 2016 has been a terrible year . Too much sufferings out there and just  too much shit that is happening for some reason . I just don’t feel like celebrating. 

Ok , resolutions time :

1. To care about myself more. Always follow other people’s schedule sehinggakan tak ada masa untuk diri sendiri. Kena buat jadual sendiri especially bagi masa untuk personal shopping , hehe 

2. To cook more . Nothing better than home-cooked food for my family (even sometimes it’s not sedap) .  Biasanya i cooked for breakfast and dinner . 

3. To not waste time . It’s hard enough for me to do cold calling as early as 8am . Every morning i need to send my son to school , to prepare breakfast and so many things , by the time dah  9am .  The key is time management.  Do things fast and efficiently so i can get more things done. Yesssss i can do thisssss !!!

4. To blog more. This blog right here is my happy place , my escape from everything else.  I rasa sangat seronok bila i dapat menulis . ❤

5. To be more spiritual engage this year. Honestly 2016 was a bad year for me . To read the Quran more often or go to any talks etc not just for us but for our kids too. 

Ok those are a lot already . 

Here’s my small prayer to 2017 , may this year be a muchhhhh better one for all of us . Aamiin !